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With OXYFIT™ Travel Case, your Breath Trainer is always protected. Our case offers safe and convenient storage for your trainer, providing reliable protection against damage and dust. An ideal choice for caring for your device!

Control Your Airflow

By adjusting the airflow, you can customize your workout to suit your fitness level. You can increase or decrease the resistance to achieve maximum efficiency and enhance your lung capacity. This will enable you to breathe more comfortably and improve your physical endurance. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, this is perfect for you!

Take Your Breathing Trainer Anywhere

With its sleek and compact design, the OXYFIT™ Breath Trainer is your perfect on-the-go companion. Whether you're swimming, running, or even in the middle of a tough workout, this little powerhouse fits right in your pocket. It's like having your personal breathing coach always by your side!


of athletes increased their stamina after using OXYFIT Breath Trainer daily.

An anonymous survey conducted by OXYFIT via email one month after purchase revealed that a majority of users experienced improved stamina.

Unlock Your Breathing Potential

Explore the Key Benefits

At first, I was skeptical about using the OXYFIT Breath Trainer, but I decided to give it a try. It has been fantastic for me on the soccer field. My stamina and endurance have skyrocketed, allowing me to play harder and longer.

Michael Anderson

I can’t believe how much the OXYFIT Breath Trainer has improved my running. My stamina increased dramatically, and I even set a new personal best in my last marathon. Thank you! It’s a must-have for any athlete!

– Max Brown

My trainer recommended the OXYFIT Breath Trainer, and I’m really impressed. My stamina and breath control during boxing training have significantly improved, allowing me to stay strong through the later rounds. Excellent tool.

David Williams


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