OXYFIT™ Unisex Flexibility Straps

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Enhance your athletic performance with the OXYFIT™ Unisex Flexibility Straps – your ultimate pre-workout companion!

Designed for both men and women, this versatile tool is perfect for deepening stretches, improving flexibility, and increasing range of motion. Whether you're warming up for a run, preparing for an intense game of football, or engaging in a dynamic yoga session, these straps assist in achieving optimal muscle condition before any sporting activity.
OXYFIT Sport Goods Men's And Women's Yoga Stretching Straps

The multi-loop design allows for progressive stretching, helping you safely work towards greater flexibility. The durable construction ensures it stands up to the rigors of daily exercise, and the comfortable fit accommodates all body types and flexibility levels. Use it to target key areas such as hamstrings, quads, calves, and shoulders.

Color: Black


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