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OXYFIT™ Grip Booster

OXYFIT™ Grip Booster

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How it works:

Increased Grip Load

A larger diameter forces the muscles of the hand, forearm, and entire arm to work harder to ensure a reliable grip. This strengthens the grip and increases forearm strength. 

OXYFIT slippers Silicone Bar Dumbbell Grip Set Strength Training Anti Slip

Stimulation of More Muscle Fibers

To hold onto a thicker bar, your body has to activate more muscle fibers. This not only increases strength but also contributes to muscle growth due to the increased stimulation. 

OXYFIT slippers Silicone Bar Dumbbell Grip Set Strength Training Anti Slip

Improved Functional Strength

Working with equipment with an increased diameter can enhance your ability to handle various objects in everyday life that require a strong grip, such as lifting weights or doing housework. 

Overcoming Plateaus 

Changing the diameter of the handle or bar can help overcome training plateaus as it forces your body to adapt to a new type of load, stepping out of the comfort zone. 

Elevate your training and experience the difference with OXYFIT™ Grip Booster. It's not just about lifting weights – it's about lifting your potential.

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