OXYFIT™ Compression Running Socks

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Step into the era of unmatched comfort and performance with our OXYFIT™ Compression Running Socks.

Quick-drying Material – Stay dry and fresh throughout the most demanding exercises.  Superior Sweat Absorption – Effortlessly wicks away sweat, ensuring a fresh and comfortable experience.  Friction Reduction – Say goodbye to discomfort and blisters; embrace protected and pampered feet.

Pull-up Ankle Brace Design:

Protects and supports your ankle, preventing common running injuries.
OXYFIT Sport Goods Socks For Running Fitness Exercise Quick-drying Sweat Absorbent

Non-slip Guarantee:

Enjoy a secure fit with no slipping or bunching, ensuring your focus remains on your performance.

American Yarn Blends:

Expertly crafted for optimal temperature regulation, moisture management, and resistance to odors, keeping your feet in prime condition.

Color: White
Size: Men's L (39-44)



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