OXYFIT™ Grip Power Wrist Trainer

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Introducing the OXYFIT™ Grip Power Wrist Trainer – Your Ultimate Companion for Unmatched Wrist Strength and Flexibility!


Experience the epitome of strength training with the OXYFIT™ Grip Power Wrist Trainer, a lightweight and portable hand grip exerciser designed for champions like you. Elevate your workout routine and  unparalleled results in strength, flexibility, and balance. Perfectly crafted to enhance motion resilience, this trainer is an essential addition to any fitness enthusiast's toolkit. The adjustable pull handle ensures a personalized fit for hands and arms of all sizes, making it your go-to solution for comprehensive wrist and arm training.

Grip Power Wrist Trainer


Unleash the power within with our adjustable wrist defender fitness training equipment, meticulously engineered to boost wrist and arm strength. The thick foam padding ensures a comfortable grip, providing ultimate wrist protection during intense workouts. The high-density webbing guarantees durability, making it rugged, rupture-free, and easily adjustable to meet your fitness needs.

Grip Power Wrist Trainer

Crafted with precision, our Grip Power Wrist Trainer features high-quality spring steel for super flexibility and substantial bend, ensuring it never cracks or deforms. The use of premium ABS plastic enhances grip performance, providing superior resistance to pressure and unmatched durability. The handshake design incorporates high-elasticity non-slip, non-absorbent sponge sets for a secure and comfortable hold, making it the ideal choice for every sports enthusiast.

Grip Power Wrist Trainer


Targets front palm muscles, forearm flexor muscles, and forearm muscles

Step into a new realm of strength and flexibility with the OXYFIT™ Grip Power Wrist Trainer. Elevate your fitness journey – because champions are made, not born. Order now and redefine your limits!


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